Welcome to Iris Beauty & Slimming Centre (since 1998)
Why we started the business ?

A Statement by Iris , the Principal of Iris Beauty : “In year 1995 , when I was still working in a factory , my face was infected with a severe acne infection, I tried to apply some pharmacy brand of Acne cream , but it did not work . Finally when I applied MEso AC Purifier 55 (previously known as AC mask 55 ) to my face by chance, the acne infection fully recovered within a month ! On the other hand , I looked less confident with single eye lid , I could’t perform well either in the factory or amongst friend , that is what a lot of youngster & ladies facing right now. After a recommendation by friend , I had undergone a minor eyelid treatment , it was totally unbelievable for those who knew me before that ! This is the main reason I started up the beauty business , not just for running a business itself but also to help more ladies to gain back & recover their confidence as their image can be rebuilt easily if they want to. “

Company Mission

To provide a professional beauty service at the highest level in term of technology & know how all the time at the affordable pricing , efficiency & accountability are totally not compromised in our saloon . Established since 1998, we are professional beauty salons & slimming centre located in Bukit Mertajam, Penang Malaysia. Our salons are specialized in variety of services & treatments for commonly seen skin problem such as acne, dehydrated skin, open pores, aging skin, mole, age spot/pigmentation etc.

Our Profession

Established in 1998, we have a very dynamic & professional team in handling your skin & overweight problems, e-Beauty or commonly known as Cosmeceutical Beauty that we have been implementing so far uses the latest technology to solve your skin & body overweight problem scientifically & systematically.The latest technology from U.S.A. for skin lifting such as HIFU also available here, penetrating to SMAS layer, the latest revolution of beauty equipment in year 2015.

Own Product

Product's wise, safety & efficacy is the most we emphasis in our salon . MEso is our official skin care as it is natural & safe to be used . It is free of heavy metals like Mercury , Thallium , Arsenic & Lead which are commonly used in the market as antibacteria & bleaching agent . Using products contains of these heavy metals for long term might cause skin cancer & blood circulation problem. On top of that MEso has been proven clinically as an effective skin care in solving 90% of skin problem within 7 days ! It is also tested as per ISO IEC170525 method as the safe skin care to be used. MEso was an official sponsor for International Trade Expo such as CosmoBeaute Asia , held in PWTC , KL in year 2010 & 2012.