is an improved moisturizer for designed to soothe dry, aging and sensitive skin at the same time help to lighten hyper pigmentation. Deep moisturizing with the combination of 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid, hydrates and delivers the nutrients to the skin through the up-to-date Liposome Delivering System, skin will be brightened up just within 7 days ! Aloe Barbadensis soothing effect is obviously seen after applying to post IPL & RF treatment skin. (For Dry & Sensitive skin)


Apply 2 times a day to a clean & toned skin.

 Active Ingredients

No. 1 to7 Hyaluronic Acid ,Aloe Barbadensis juice extract.

Soothing Moisturiser S 10 + ( 30 ml )

  • Product Code: Soothing Moisturiser S 10 + ( 30 ml )