that can be used daily for moisturizing , lifting and anti aging .The Silk and Cell Culture Mask contain green apple stem cell (100% Original Swiss Cell Culture), collagen from Xanthan Gum extract and Sodium Hyaluronate to regenerates and repairs from deep within the skin epidermis. It aslo helps the skin in repairing damaged cells, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, the loss of collagen and moisturizes the skin.


Applying the mask after complete facial cleaning and toning. Please do sit back, enjoy the special feeling of the silk mask.Leave it on for about 25 minutes. Not recommended to apply for more than 1 hour.

Active Ingredients

Green Apple Cell Culture extract , Xanthan Gum

Stem Cell Silk Culture Mask....40g x 6 sachets

  • Product Code: Stem Cell Silk Culture Mask....40g x 6 sachets