MAKE UP & SKIN CARE AT THE SAME TIME...A wonderfully refreshing water base foundation cum UV-Block give your skin a smooth natural glow as it takes away the oily shine and refine the pores. No longer greasy feel with UV-Block 6! (Recommended for oily and acneprone with enlarged pores skin.)


After cleansing and applying serum, shake well and apply UV-6 to the entire face except eyes and dry area.

Active Ingredients

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is listed as a safe pigment, with no known adverse effects. It is not listed as a carcinogen, mutagen, teratogen, comedogen, toxin or as a trigger for contact dermatitis in any other safety regulatory publications beside the NIOSH (Antczak, 2001; Physical & Theoretical Chemical Laboratory, Oxford University respectively).

UV - Block 6 ( 30 ml )

  • Product Code: UV - Block 6 ( 30 ml )